"A great love story that moved Portugal." The novel by Snu and Sá Carneiro reaches the screen

"Snu" debuts this Thursday in Portuguese cinemas. The film portrays "one of the great love stories of the twentieth century": the love story between Snu Abecassis, a Danish who founded the publisher D. Quixote in Portugal, and Francisco Sá Caneiro, PSD's historic leader.

Snu comes to Portugal during Estado Novo. "From the Nordic countries, she passed through London and the United States,... She arrives in Portugal - a highly untidy country - and here she is. She opens a publisher in a country where censorship thrives. Her life is at risk - and she knows it, but she is on a mission. She tries to bring the world to Portugal, "says director Patrícia Sequeira, interviewed by Fernando Alves, in Manhã TSF show.

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