Hollywood proposes portrait of young gay in comedy tone


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With the seal of a large studio, With Love, Simon portrays a student who resists revealing the fact that he is an homosexual. The only "place" where he reveals the fact is the virtual world.

When did it all start? Maybe with the advent of MTV, early in the decade of 1980. Or before, in the turn of the turbulent 60s, with Elvis Presley to teach us that bodies also have their own rhythms, inventing reasons that reason does not know... One thing is certain: we were witnessing the methodical consolidation of a youth culture that, now, in our not too calm 21st century, exists, at one time, as a universe of many introspections, a cauldron of social values and... global market.

Let us avoid, therefore, the schematics of prime time - we are faced with an immense landscape (made of music, games, mobile phones, movies, books, etc.) that resists easy generalizations. Let us only notice the touching narrative singularity, accomplice of a discrete dramatic intelligence, of a film like With Love, Simon (on display). After all, even in times of many salutary approaches to the complexities of sexual life, it is not every day that we come across the portrait of a young homosexual who does not want to "come out of the closet."

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