FELPO opens with 'Flavor Feast', chefs in search of inspiration

Chefs Vítor Sobral (Portugal), Helt Araújo (Angola) and Tereza Paim (Brazil) are the big stars of the first day of the Portuguese Language Festival (FELPO) in Bahia. TSF covers the festival that celebrates Lusophony and the 470th anniversary since the founding of Salvador.

The first edition of the Portuguese Language Festival (FELPO) starts this Thursday in Salvador (Bahia, Brazil) . The festival will open with a 'Flavor Feast' in Casa de Tereza Restaurant, owned by chef Tereza Paim, who will host Portuguese chef Vítor Sobral and Angolan chef Helt Araújo for a tasting session in which flavors from the three countries will be explored.

Other festival guests will attend this 'Flavor Feast' in the state capital of Bahia, such as musicians Ana Moura, António Zambujo, Daniela Mercury and Paulo Flores, or book authors Itamar Vieira Júnior, Ricardo Viel, and Paloma Amado. But before the festival's official launch, they went out in search of inspiration and of the perfect ingredients for the meeting, which will celebrate the Portuguese language as part of the official celebrations of the 470th anniversary since the founding of Salvador.

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