Travessa Bookstore: One foot in São Paulo, one foot in Lisbon

Travessa Bookstore in Rio de Janeiro. São Paulo and Lisbon are the bookstore's new ventures

While bookstores such as Cultura and Saraiva are busy with judicial recovery proceedings, supplies for the holiday season (traditionally a good period for the publishing market) and especially with ensuring their own survival, Travessa Bookstore is preparing for a new challenge.

Rui Campos, who in 1990 created a bookstore network which now boasts nine stores (in Rio, São Paulo and Ribeirão Preto), is currently in Lisbon planning his first overseas bookstore. Scheduled to be opened during the first semester of 2019 - and, like all his other bookstores, designed by architect Bel Lobo - Rui Campos' new 300m2 store will be located on the ground floor of a run-down mansion in one of Lisbon's hippest districts - Príncipe Real. This mansion is home to Casa Pau-Brasil, a venue that has been hosting several Brazilian artists and brands (soap, chocolate, clothes, etc.) since 2017.

Campos says that the new store is not an expansion project, nor something he had planned. But the invitation came up, and he thought he could open a new bookstore, with the old Travessa spirit, right in the heart of Lisbon. "Portuguese people are passionate about publishing, literature, and especially poetry - which translates into a bookstore venue such as Travessa. This made us realize that we could do this in Portugal," says Campos, who had never dreamed he would have an overseas store.

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