"Today, we still glorify and romanticize the colonialism "

Ten years after its publication in Germany, the book Memories of Plantation: Episodes of Everyday Racism arrives in Portugal.

While at university, Grada Kilomba was the only black student in the entire department of clinical psychology and psychoanalysis. In hospitals, where she went to work later, it was common to be confused with the cleaning lady. And sometimes the patients refused to be seen by her.

The first time she visited the library of Freie Universität of Berlin, where she was doing her PhD, an official called her out loud: "You're not from here, are you? The library is just for college students! " Episodes like this are quite common, she eventually discovered. Some of them are reported in the book Memories of the Plantation: Episodes of Daily Racism, first published in Germany in 2008, and now, finally, more than ten years later, it is published in Portugal by Orfeu Negro.

"The book is now coming because it is only now in a position to be published in Portugal," tells to DN, explaining that when she began working on issues related to racism and how the heritage of a colonial past was re-enacted in the present, "these issues were not treated by no means" in our country: "They were ignored" by the Academy and society in general.

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