Readers of Saramago interact at Camões

José Saramago

Readers of various generations packed the Camões-Centro Cultural Português Library in Luanda to read a work by José Saramago, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998

Among students of different age groups, the readers traveled back in time to revisit the book of the Portuguese writer, in another edition of the project "Writer of the Month".

For the Portuguese ambassadress Margarita Mexicano, it was important to read books by José Saramago, because it allowed participants to study their works by gathering informative and entertaining contents about the craft and imaginary power that the author used to write them.
Readers shared their knowledge about the author in an open conversation, each one having had the opportunity to read a book by José Saramago, and presented several questions about the life of the author of the book "Objecto Quase" (Quasi Object). They also learned about the importance of reading literary works and the interest of reading any author, so that books do not die on shelves.

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