Poetic lyricism of a restless and talented youth

Kiocamba Kassua

Kiocamba Kassua

  |  D.R.

At a time when Angolan youth, coming from the postwar period, was running and is still running, serious risks of behavioral deviations, emerged on 20 July 2006, the "Lev Movement" art, of which the poet Kiocamba Kassua was one of his most important founders, a literary association that brought together enthusiastic young people and talented poets around gatherings, poetry recitals, debates on literary subjects, and the editing of bibliographic titles.

Released on Wednesday, "Other Smiles on Our Lips", poems, is the culmination of a long process of literary activism surrounding the prestigious Leva´rte Movement. The emergence of the Movement was the launching of a stone in the monotonous Luandan literary pond, stirring and promoting the reunion of a youth eager to know and spread its creations in the field of poetry, especially the said poetic text. The truth is that they are already in the history of the lyrics, names like John Papelo, Kardo Bestilo, Mira Clok, Katia Santos, and obviously Kiocamba Kassua, including other prominent personalities of the latest history of the Angolan literary community.
It is known that Angolan poetry has been, throughout history, an important tool of anti-colonial contestation, lived a long naturalistic, romantic, and, above all, a contestation period and has been more recently evoking the lyricism and subjective freedom its younger poets, establishing free construction and the subsequent deconstruction of possible worlds. In this sense, the Lev "Art Movement emerged in a continuity line of the poetic creation announced by José da Silva Maia Ferreira, Joaquim Dias Cordeiro da Mata, the father of Angolan literature, António Jacinto and the greatest poet, Dr. António Agostinho Neto.

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