Mia Couto and Agualusa: 'Terrorists' of Portuguese language

They are friends, writers and they share the same language and the same continent. Together, Mozambican Mia Couto and Angolan Jose Eduardo Agualusa wrote "The elegant terrorist" a book with three short stories that will be released tomorrow, the 6th, in Portugal.

Mia Couto and José Eduardo Agualusa release 'The Elegant Terrorist and Other Stories', the first four-handed work written by the two authors. This project is born from their friendship and brings together three short stories based on theater plays written together by the two.

In the presentation of the work it is revealed that the first story was born 'under a thatched porch in Boane, Mozambique, in a huge garden, where Mia Couto and José Eduardo Agualusa spent days sitting at the same table, each in front of a computer laughing, joking around and keen on denying the idea that literary creation is always a profoundly lonely endeavor.'

From the set of three short stories stands out the mastery of the authors as writers of short stories filled with fine irony. In "The Elegant Terrorist", the book's first story, an Angolan man is arrested in Lisbon on the suspicion of being connected with terrorist groups. During his interrogation in prison, the man confuses the officers with stories that are not consistent with those of a criminal, and manages to grab the attention of the three policemen, leading them to reflect upon their own lives.

The other two tales were slowly born at a distance, in an exchange of messages through which José Eduardo Agualusa and Mia Couto gradually added to each other's texts. This was how they wrote 'Love Rains on the Killer's Street', in which a man returns to his city, Xigovia, to exact revenge on the three women he once loved. The ex-wives come on stage to tell each one their version of the love story with Baltazar Fortuna.

In the third tale, 'The Black Box', a masked man breaks into the house of two women, which leads to people from the same family but of different generations having to face their best kept fears and secrets.

The work has also been released in Brazil.

Publishers: Quetzal
Genre: Literature / Romance
Number of Pages: 168
Price: € 16.60

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