Mário de Andrade gets breathtaking biography, which makes historical corrections

Writer portrait by Lasar Segall in 1927

Writer portrait by Lasar Segall in 1927

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'In Search of the Brazilian Soul' disputes Oswald's role in introducing the vanguard in the country.

Instead of a repressed intellectual and stubborn, Mario de Andrade liked to party. Already very young, he dedicated himself carefully to a Pierrot costume to enjoy Carnival. She had shown a nonconformist temperament as a child, despite being stubborn. As he grew older, he would be a poet, a prospector, a critic, a folklorist, a bibliophile.

One of the fathers of modernism and intellectual responsible for helping to change the direction of Brazilian art, Mário wins his most breathtaking biography, through the hands of journalist Jason Tércio. As a result of a research which began in the 1990s, the book has been announced and postponed several times over the past few years, but now it hits bookstores. Marius died in 1945 and since then a lot has been said about why there were no books about his life. The alleged motive through the grapevine: no one wanted to move the wasp on the author's alleged homosexuality and displease his still-living relatives.

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