Vasco Luís Curado went looking for the Colonial War as an inner experience

"Declarations of War", the new book of the psychologist and novelist Vasco Luís Curado, gives voice to the men who returned from the Overseas

One soldier says that he was wounded three times in one combat. The third time was the worst because he was hit with splinters of a grenade. He became seriously wounded and was even considered as being dead. But he did not die, and the gunpowder that had entered his body took twenty-seven years to come out. For almost thirty years, this man literally exuded gunpowder, just as he exuded ideas of murder and suicide in a crazy spin between euphoria and depression. In the end he asks himself, he asks us, in a mix of despair and resignation:

"I want to move on with my life, but how can I do it?" This soldier is one of many that the writer and psychologist Vasco Luís Curado has heard for 10 years, whose "inner experiences", using the expression of Ernst Jünger, he collected in the book "Declarações de Guerra - histórias em carne viva da Guerra Colonial" ("Declarations of War - stories marked in the flesh from the Colonial War" in English), which has just been published by "Guerra&Paz"

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