Houellebecq, the 'enfant terrible' of French literature, is back

Michel Houellebecq in Frankfurt, Germany, on October 11, 2017

Michel Houellebecq, the 'enfant terrible' of French literature, is back in bookstores with a new novel, 'Serotonin', in which he predicted the 'yellow vests' uprising

'Serotonin' is a somber and touching work in which Houellebecq seems to have forecasted the 'yellow vests' uprising in France. According to his publisher, Houellebecq - currently the most popular French author abroad - has decided to move away from media attention. But his new book, bound to become a best-seller, is highly anticipated both in France, where it will be released this Friday, and across Europe, where it will be available next week.

The French publishing house Flammarion foresees an extraordinary print run of 320.000 copies (the average print run for a novel in France is about 5,000 copies). In Germany, where the book will hit the bookstores next Monday, a print run of 80,000 copies is expected, which is unusual for a foreign book. 25,000 copies will be printed in Spain.

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