"Different sexual orientation does not alter the essence of the human condition"

The Cuban writer Leonardo Padura presented in Lisbon the latest detective story of "his" detective Mario Conde.

There are very different scenes from Havana and an unexpected gay character, a sign of the end of homosexual repression in Cuba.

Just arrived from Japan, the Cuban writer Leonardo Padura is relieved to be in Lisbon. Where in addition to understanding the language and being understood, it is the last stop of a tour of several countries before getting on the plane back to the Island. Padura is being published in more than three dozen languages and the editions of his books multiply.

At the door of the hotel, smoking the rest of the cigarette he had left at the beginning, Padura confesses that the books of detective Mario Conde were important to be recognized worldwide, but he points out Goodbye Hemingway as what made him jump at a literary level out of Cuba definitively. Then, it was the thrust of The Man Who Liked Dogs, the novel about Trotsky, which opened up even more doors to internationalization.

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