Arab travel report from 10th century gets a Portuguese translation

In 921, Ahmad Ibn Fadlan began a curious journey: he left Baghdad, the capital of the caliphate of Al-Muqtadir Billah, with course set to a Viking settlement on the banks of the Volga River. His detailed accounts, compiling valuable information about the Middle Ages on the European continent, will be published for the first time in Portuguese this Thursday (9) by the publisher Carambaia in the work titled "Voyage to the Volga - Reports of the Envoy of a Caliph to the King of the Slavs"

The translation is by Pedro Martins Criado, that holds a Master's degree in Arabic from University of São Paulo. At the release, at 7:30 pm in Casa Plana, will be present Professor Mamede Jarouche, translator of "The Thousand and One Nights"

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