Ex-minister analyzes in "Desilusão" the political crisis in Guinea-Bissau

Geraldo Martins

Geraldo Martins

The former Guinean Minister of Finance presented in Bissau the book "Disappointment - Governance, Political Exercise, during the Ninth Legislature in Guinea-Bissau."

Geraldo Martins explained what he is trying to convey in the book "Desilusão." In the book "I try to summarize my experience in the government and my analysis of what I consider to be the causes and motivations for this political crisis," the former Guinean minister of finances said.

Guinea-Bissau has been experiencing a political crisis since 2015, following the resignation of Prime Minister Domingos Simões Pereira, leader of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC), who won the legislative elections of 2014.

Geraldo Martins joined the Government of Domingos Simões Pereira as the Minister of Economy and Finance. In the book, the writer explains the "unexpected crisis" in the country when "all ingredients" where on the table for the legislature to come to an end.

"A President of the Republic of the party color of the majority party in the assembly, a parliament with an absolute majority of a party, an inclusive Government, in addition the first signs of governance were promising and made the Guineans dream that this time it was possible," the economist said. It is in this context that "disappointment begins."

"Today we see what is happening with the country. We have had a political crisis for three years, we have a very strong involvement of the international community in trying to solve the political crisis, we have deep disagreements between the highest hierarchies of the State, we have institutions paralyzed in conflict with each other, we have international isolation and development partners putting Guinea-Bissau aside," he said.

For Geraldo Martins, Guinea-Bissau is a country that no one visits anymore. "In the last three years, no President of any country in the world has visited Guinea-Bissau, no Prime-Minister has visited Guinea-Bissau, we are an internationally isolated country," he lamented.