Angolan linguist Amélia Mingas dies

 Linguist and university professor Amélia Mingas.

Linguist and university professor Amélia Mingas.

  |  Jornal de Angola

Linguist and university professor Amélia Mingas died today in Luanda. If someone ever publishes the Angolan Women's Golden Book, one of the names to be included is undoubtedly Amélia Mingas'.

Born in Ingombota, the Cabinda-blooded dean of the Faculty of Letters of Agostinho Neto University had a profound influence on the cultural history of independent Angola.
Forced to quit her studies at Lisbon University in the 1970s, she joined the armed struggle in Congo-Brazzaville, where she received the news of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal on April 25, 1974, and returned to her native country in 1975. In 1995 she obtained a PhD in General and Applied Linguistics from René Descartes University in Paris, France. She headed the International Portuguese Language Institute (IILP) in Praia, Cape Verde, and her academic background prompted her to champion a global policy for the Portuguese language which would respect and integrate each country's contribution to the language's formal structure. Her training and experience in applied linguistics would lead her to publish the work 'The Interference of Kimbundu in the Portuguese Language as Spoken in Lwanda' (2000), a study that offers an inventory of Kimbundu lexical interferences in the Portuguese language.

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