A comic book against the Bible: Darwin would approve it

Revisiting Charles Darwin's time and the difficulties he felt in building his theory of The Origin of Species with two comic books. A crusade and a book relevant for our time.

The main challenge for the writer of Charles Darwin's 'biography' comic book was how to "approach such an important character and a subject too big for one man." Christian Clot, of the Society of French Explorers, needed two volumes and 98 pages, in addition to historical inserts, to recount the most controversial scientist of the 19th century. But Clot offers more than a mere portrait - in a book illustrated by Fabio Bono - of the researcher who deprived God of the role of creator of humanity and all earthly species.

First of all, Darwin - À bord du Beagle and Darwin - L'origine des espèces are more than two comic books. They are the result of a historical investigation, similar to what the author had already done in Magellan: Jusqu'au bout du monde and Tenzing, Sur le toit du monde avec Edmund Hillary, combining the life of these 'adventurers' with what they brought to the world.

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